Apps that Changed My Life

I’m not going to lie, one of the best things about working for a digital agency is taking advantage of our collective interest in being early adopters. My colleagues are often using smart tools long before they make it the popular market.

In my time at Threespot I’ve been introduced to a number of apps that change the way I work. I’m sharing them here because I want them to be around and to iterate and that means I can’t be the only one using them.

One Tab

Do you seriously have like 20 tabs open right now? One tab takes all those glorious little bits of internet ephemera and puts them on a single page. God, I love the Internet. (Sorry Safari and Firefox users, this extension is for Chrome only. Don’t even talk to me if you still use IE)


You remember having to FTP image files? Or worse yet, emailing them to yourself? What bullsht. Drag images to CloudApp and they automatically give you a sweet little link to share with others. An easy peasy way to get your images to others.


As a writer, I’m obsessed with Draft. It’s such a clean space for getting your ideas on virtual paper. And the Hemingway mode (no deleting…not even for misspellings) helps you focus on the message and all those little red squiggly lines. Seriously. I use Draft to journal, to sketch big ideas or to write whole pitches.


What You Missed

You guys, I owe most of this week’s links to the lovely Rachael King (whom I only know from Twitter, but can still verify that she is indeed lovely).

This Medium post from Airbnb co-founder Brian Cheskey talks about the value of not fucking up your workplace culture, that is if you’re lucky to have one. I work in a pretty damn drama-free office. I can’t even tell you the layers of infinite anxiety that are relieved by this.

Quartz has some killer tips on how to structure you work day and they’re doable. Although they suggest waiting awhile after you’ve woken up to have coffee. Not doable.

This Songza playlist of Acoustic Pop Songs is blowing my fking mind. Mostly because I have a secret affection for Acoustic Sunrise and now I don’t have to wait until the crack of dawn on Sunday to access my slow jams.

Let’s do this.

Earn Your Sleep Image by Jason Vandenberg

The Business of Careers

Earn Your Sleep by Jason Vandenberg

Do you remember where you were in your career just five years ago? If you’re among my generation/cohort, it wasn’t such a good place. You were probably someone’s assistant, or an intern, or maybe just starting to figure out that very few people have careers that are as decidedly defined as the ones we imagined when we were kids.

But you know what? You’ve come a long way. And if you haven’t, well, it’s time to do something about then, isn’t it?

Work has been on my brain a lot lately. I’m lucky to be in a job that I’m absolutely mad about, but the recession walloped a good many of us. A whole generation of baby boomers are retiring and that is going to mean a lot of things for us in the working class. And what about the next generation? I had a chance to meet with a few lovely women on the cusp of beginning their careers and I gave them the only advice I could, the only advice I truly wish someone had told me: You’re smart and capable. Be bold in sharing your ideas. Stay humbled by the intelligence peers, colleagues and mentors. Do the thing that scares the shit out of you. 

You’re smart and capable. Be bold in sharing your ideas. Stay humbled by the intelligence peers, colleagues and mentors. Do the thing that scares the shit out of you. 

I said that. At my university. In front of teachers. They may not invite me back, ya’ll.