A Brain Vacation

You guys, I’m exhausted. My body is screaming for a vacation and I’m not even kidding. But I have also never been so engaged in work, so completely in love with the process. Sometimes my brain aches with trying to wrap my mind around all the learning I’ve been doing lately. But if you ain’t learning, you ain’t growing, aimiright?

I’ve been taking a few mental breaks when I get home the evenings, putting on the television and just letting it speak to me. I just finished the fourth (and gulp, last!) season of Luther. Idris Alba is beautiful, obviously, but its Alice Morgan that is so dazzling. She’s reckless and dangerous and absolutely thrilling. I want more femme fatales on television–and I’m not talking about the whimpering Kerry Washington of Scandal. Sigh.

Isn’t she lovely?

A few nights ago I was in a very different mood and watched The Spectacular Nowwith Shailene Woodley. I know folks are caught up with The Fault in Our Stars, but this movie was so raw and before you know it, you’re transported back to all the awkwardness of adolescence and completely grateful that its over. If you want to take it back even further to the pre-pubescent angst, then it has to be Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. Spectacular indeed.

If TV and film aren’t you thing, no worries, I’ve got your moody podcasts covered too. This week’s 99% Invisible was an introduction to the Song Exploder podcast and god, it was so good. In this episode, they break apart the sounds and story behind the House of Cards soundtrack, which actually had some pretty substantial changes in Season 2 that I’m absolutely sure no one noticed. It’s so haunting and there is incredible depth to the stories the producer wants to portray in a short title sequence. And the best part? A tiny clip of an earlier Song Exploder episode that was all about my beloved Postal Service’s “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight.”  You’re welcome for that.