What I’m Wearing To AltSummit:


It doesn’t matter.

Next week I’m heading to #AltSummit. I’ve got all kinds of feels about this ya’ll. I advocated for AltSummit as part of my professional development plan at work because I had hoped to meet a community of digitally savvy people with which to have real conversations about the role of blogging, the business of self-publishing and why it’s so damn cool to be a writer in the 21st century. Instead, the Facebook group has largely involved conversations about what to wear to the dinner parties and the right hand-crafted, letterpress [insert-other-crafty-word-here] business cards to bring. People are getting weird about business cards. It’s making me cynical.

And then of course there is the really big issue: Salt Lake City isn’t a coffee town. Luckily my buddy Cameron has plyed me the names of two legit coffee shops: Jack Mormon and Nostalgia Coffee. You’re welcome, AltSummit.

Despite my initial misgivings about the vibe at AltSummit,  I can’t wait to meet my feminist lady crush, Meg, from A Practical Wedding (Which, P.S., I’ll never stop name dropping the fact I was cool enough to once appear on her blog).

Tweet from @practicalwed

Because this happened one time.

Martha Stewart will be there, and for whatever I feel about craftiness and homemaking, she’s still a dynamo in her own right.

I’m optimistic that once we arrive, it will be less about vintage shoes, golden barrettes or how much we spent on our business cards. Instead, I’m betting it will be about inspiration, education and camaraderie. I’m just betting.

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