On the Road Again

For the next two weeks, I’m packing my life into a 3×2 ft suitcase. When I leave for a trip like this, I always wonder: if everything I ever really need is in this bag, why is my home always such a mess of all the other stuff I own? I leave vowing to clear out the miscellany when I return.

This week, I’m heading to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend AltSummit, a sort of conference for bloggers. The timing is ideal. After 10 years of blogging, I took a 2-year hiatus. I gently set aside my beloved Metro(poetry)lis and picked up the reins here at 18th and Columbia. I was a different kind of blogger and that demanded a different kind of blog. This has also coincided with the opportunity to helm Threespot’s company blog. [Go ahead, ask me which one I’m more nervous about.]

During the second week of travel, I’m heading down to Norfolk, VA for work. We’ll be near the beach, but unlikely to visit, so I’ll be sending my missives from the inside of a hotel room.

The good thing about travel is after living your days all from the inside of a 3×2 ft suitcase, you come home, sigh, and say, thank goodness I have so much life beyond this little rolling box. And you look at the dog that you’ve missed and the partner that you’ve been miserable without and all that damn stuff you’ve accumulated and vow to never, ever leave it all for that long again.


The Good Shit


Life and Thyme

Image via Life and Thyme

Let’s be real for a second. You’re in the middle of a city you don’t know and you *really* need to use the bathroom. Where do you go? If you’re like me, it’s to the nearest Starbucks, which boasts relatively clean bathrooms, iced coffee and now free mobile phone charging. The future is here, ya’ll.

Life & Thyme has a sexy tutorial on how to make a killer cup of  coffee using an Aeropress. And while we’re on the subject of coffee, can someone please sherpa me these adorable little iced coffee cartons from Blue Bottle in NY/SF?

If you’re looking for a book to read that comes from beyond the Young Adult section, why not enjoy one of these recommendations from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? My beloved Jane Austen makes the list, but so do a number of other books that might surprise you.

“Whenever José is in town, I know I’m going to do two things: drink too much and spend a lot of money.” I’ve had the pleasure to see/meet Chef José Andrés a few times. He’s a really good guy. Like a really, really good guy. This story proves it.

Next time the asshole at the bar won’t leave you alone, tell him to call you at 669-221-6251. Then get as mad as I am that this has to exist.

Alright ya’ll, let’s go.


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