Apps that Changed My Life

I’m not going to lie, one of the best things about working for a digital agency is taking advantage of our collective interest in being early adopters. My colleagues are often using smart tools long before they make it the popular market.

In my time at Threespot I’ve been introduced to a number of apps that change the way I work. I’m sharing them here because I want them to be around and to iterate and that means I can’t be the only one using them.

One Tab

Do you seriously have like 20 tabs open right now? One tab takes all those glorious little bits of internet ephemera and puts them on a single page. God, I love the Internet. (Sorry Safari and Firefox users, this extension is for Chrome only. Don’t even talk to me if you still use IE)


You remember having to FTP image files? Or worse yet, emailing them to yourself? What bullsht. Drag images to CloudApp and they automatically give you a sweet little link to share with others. An easy peasy way to get your images to others.


As a writer, I’m obsessed with Draft. It’s such a clean space for getting your ideas on virtual paper. And the Hemingway mode (no deleting…not even for misspellings) helps you focus on the message and all those little red squiggly lines. Seriously. I use Draft to journal, to sketch big ideas or to write whole pitches.


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