What You Missed

Look, I know you’re coming to the office, same as me. Slightly resentful to have left the comfort of you bed and just clinging to your cuppa joe as tightly as if they were prayer beads. Your day is only going to get more complicated my friend, so start things off right with a few reads that are well worth the trouble.

“One of the most obscene things I learned as a barista was how eager people are to be liked.”

I’ve been sitting on this article from The Awl for a few weeks. The truth is, the way I wanted to be a cashier at McDonald’s so I could press the buttons is the same way I feel about being a barista so I can be in a coffee shop all day. But Molly Osberg’s article on the Barista Class has made me think differently about the people behind the counter.

NPR has been on their game lately. I was already a huge fan of their public personas–Michelle Norris, Audie Cornish, Linda Holmes–but Melody Kramer has cracked wide open the NPR social media space. Her approach to a transparency in public media reminds me quite a bit of the work done by Wendy Harman at the American Red Cross.

I’m also digging their series on women and finances, “She Works.” Good advice from women who mean business.

Hurrah for ladies in digital, double hurrah for ladies breaking barriers.

And finally, I’m all for anyone who can use the phase “turgid philosophers” in a graduation speech. Especially if that person happens to be Bill Watterson.



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