How We Got Here

This post first appeared on Metro(poetry)lis.

I’ve been blogging for 12 years. It started with a little link to a Livejournal in my AIM Instant Messenger profile. It lived on Blogger for a bit, and then found a home at WordPress. I wrote about life, about food and frequently I professed my love for the District. Somewhere along the way, I started feeling like I wasn’t writing for myself anymore. So, I took a break–a two year break.

Sometimes I missed writing, but mostly I didn’t. And then one morning I woke up and realized that what I missed about writing was having conversations with people that can only happen on the Internet. I missed owning my own little piece of the web.

I came back to Metropoetrylis, but my domain had been co-opted. It wouldn’t have mattered–the name, the history of the pages, they didn’t feel like me anymore.

So I thought about it for awhile and got pretty scared. I realized that this was now or never. I couldn’t call myself a writer if I wasn’t writing anymore. I looked for inspiration from people I admire. Meg from A Practical Wedding. Rachel from The REWMAnn Friedman and my friend Alejandra. I realized they were having important conversations about women, politics, food and all the unbelievably cool things that happen on the Internet. That was a conversation I finally wanted to join.

And I am. Just not at Metro(poetry)lis. It was a good place to grow up, but like home, it’s a place you can never really go again.

So, I’m starting a whole new adventure and it starts at the corner of 18th and Columbia. I’m excited and I hope you are too.

Let’s go.


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